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What are Wellness Initiatives?

Wellness Initiatives help convey to employees that their employer cares about them and is invested in their long-term health, wellness, and success.  Wellness initiatives are broad and can include such offerings as an Employee Assistance Plan, financial wellness programs, a flu shot program, employee recognition, flexible work programs, time off in lieu of overtime pay, or first aid and CPR training.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

Employees have a lot to deal with and sometimes their personal lives can impact their workday. In today’s workplace employers are choosing to proactively deal with issues such as absenteeism, presenteeism, and low morale by offering their employees tools to help them work through personal issues. An Employee Assistance Plan or EAP offers employees access to various types of support systems. For example, employees who are stressed, depressed, dealing with addiction issues, dealing with an aging and ailing parent have access a trained counselor who will assess their needs and triage based on urgency. To ensure the employee’s right to privacy is respected there are strict confidentiality protocols in place and privacy laws are followed.

Financial Wellness Programs

Employees work hard today and look forward to retiring in the future but often they don’t know much about the sources of their retirement income – and this can become a financial stressor.  BCP offers a basic introduction to retirement class that we host at your office over a lunch hour. The presentation is designed for those with limited investment knowledge and those who want to learn a bit more about CPP, OAS, and their personal retirement savings options.  The presentation also addresses why adequate insurance is part of a sound savings plan.

Flu shot programs

These clinics an excellent way to help protect your employees from the flu. Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to getting the flu and when an employee does get the flu they are typically sick for seven to 10 days, but the cough and fatigue can last for up to six weeks, slowing a full return to work. By hosting a flu shot clinic at your work employees will not need to take time off work to get their flu shot and they are more likely to get vaccinated.

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