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Starting from Scratch!

We first met Bryce in 2008 by way of a referral from one of our employees. At the time, we had a grandfathered benefits plan. Ideally, we wanted to extend benefits coverage to all our staff but as a non-profit organization we were concerned with the affordability of such a move.

With these constraints in mind, Bryce designed a plan that met our needs and requested quotes from several insurers.

During the recommendation meeting Bryce’s proposal and spreadsheets were easy to follow and gave us the information we needed to make the decision to implement a plan for all staff! Bryce then held meetings at all our sites to explain the benefits package to our employees and answer their questions.

Through the years since, Bryce has helped keep our costs in line through his renewal negotiations and we were even able to enhance our plan over the past year. I have told Bryce that if it wasn’t for him, we would not have had the confidence to take the step of implementing coverage for our employees almost decade ago!

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