Help employees prepare for retirement while helping your business compete for talent.

The new year is just around the corner and as an employer you are completing your 2018 employee performance reviews and finalizing your 2019 compensation budget. 

If you are like many small businesses, your compensation budget is traditional and offers salary increases based on merit or cost of living. While these increases have always been popular with staff you now want your compensation dollars to do more to help your employees save for their golden years.

Helping and encouraging your employees to save for retirement is possible.  Group retirement plans such as Group RRSP and Deferred Profit Sharing Plans (DPSPs) are flexible and can be designed to meet the needs and budget of both the Employee and the Employer.  The plans are easy to administer with much of the leg work being handled by the carrier who holds the plan (i.e. Great-West Life, Sun Life etc.)  These plans are also an excellent way to help your business compete with the retirement packages offered by government and big business. 

We can help you discover how Group Retirement can benefit your employee’s future AND your business.  Contact us today and we will help your employees and your business begin preparing for tomorrow – today. 

Why Employees say “YES” to Group Retirement Plans

For employees the advantages of having access to a group retirement plan include:

·         Tax deductions at source

·         The Employee and/or the Employer can contribute directly into the plan

·         Lower investment management fees

·         Access to additional investment managers not normally accessible by individual investors

·         Dollar cost averaging

Benefits Consulting Plus Inc is an independent employee benefits and insurance advisory firm. Bryce Parisotto, CFP, works with local businesses to design and implement tailor-made employee benefits solutions. Shannon Bennett-Parisotto, CHS, has 19 years of specialized knowledge with life, disability and critical illness insurance and works with clients on their personal and corporate insurance planning.

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